Important Message - VOLONTARY RECALL

September 27th 2022 

Dear clients,

Please note that trust, quality, and safety are concepts that are important to us, for all the products we distribute. It is for this reason that we are sending you this notice.

Before the launch of the Gümi teething ring from the Bblüv brand, we made sure to make all the tests, as well as all the necessary steps so that the product is not only compliant, but also completely safe. In particular, an exhaustive test on the said product showed that leakage of the liquid filling the teether was practically impossible. Although no leaks have been reported to date, a recent analysis by Health Canada revealed a non-compliance with the level of the teether filling liquid, which goes against the requirements of point 4 of Schedule 2 of the CCPSA.

We assure you that no incident or complaint concerning this product has been brought to our attention to date. However, as a preventive measure, we have decided to proceed with a voluntary recall of this product. To this end, this recall concerns all Gümi teethers sold since January 2020.

Therefore, as part of this recall, dear retailers, we ask that you return all products stored with you in their original packaging. We will reimburse you for the cost of the products and transportation accordingly. For consumers who have this product at home, we invite you to throw it away and send us a photo of you with the product at, so that you are compensated for the value of the product.

Please accept our cordial greetings,

Cariboo Distribution Management